BIG TUNES of August ’17

slippin’ mad loads behind cuz I’m a class lad.



1. Proxy – Sirenade

Ya remember Proxy lads aye? I feel like he must have a bit of a big deal during the aul electro days of the late 00’s… based largely on the fact that he’s got bare big tunes from like 2008. But yeah this one is brand new and fresh on AC Slaters Night Bass label and sounding puuuuure decent. Manages to sound like modern big room bass house without losing that Proxy feel, so yanno, fair play to him.

2. Daddy Long Legs – Flamenco Acid

Sheffield’s Tom Parker on some straight fire ting once again, with a tasty new-ish release on Off Me Nut of midi-tastic fall of the Berlin wall-era rave bangers. This one see’s mediterranean riddims and Spanish guitar vibes colliding with 303 squelches, kinda like that one Ceephax tune but faster.

3. Keeno18 – That’s a Sea Sick Cat

This tune sticks out horribly amongst this months selections but honestly it’s just such a slimy wee dinger I couldn’t leave it out. Released on Jimmy Edgars super stylish Ultramajic label, this ones a pure boggin’ low down analogue house jam, all harsh hats and shrill bleeps. Gully.

4. Duran Duran Duran – Pearls and Strawberries

Homoerotic breakcore mentalist Duran Duran Duran has apparently returned after a quiet few years with a solid full-length on Power Vacuum and yeah it’s also dead good. I’ve always preferred his ravier, 4×4 tracks and this ones a pure stinker.

5. Albino Gorilla – Lalala Ooo

This track is the exact opposite of a pure stinker. Another totes gorge tune from those #weirdkids compilations I’m actually fucking sick of mentioning. Just get them all ffs.

6. Brian MacKnight – Side, Front, Back (Canblaster Loves the Accelerated Funk)

One of the silliest vocal conceits I’ve heard in a while, this is a track about sliding into some piff birds DM’s and describing the angles you wanna see her from. Catchy tho.

Nina Las Vegas – Contagious feat Snappy Jit

Got an absolute pile of hot club fire recently, and here’s some of the spiciest right now. So much time for this high energy B’more/Jersey club style and love hearing it popping up everywhere. Pure dinger this one anyway, peak time mover and that.

Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (Uniiqu3 Remix)

Fairly sure the original of this track is well on the way to making a few best of 2017 hip-hop lists, and this fucking intense flip from the self-professed queen of Jersey club is certainly gonna be in my sets for a while. Or would, if I got booked ever.

Jackal – Gunshot feat. Jammin (Whipped Cream Remix)

So yeah funny story, I was shcrollin’ through reddit as I do basically every waking moment, clocked an AMA by porn star Adriana Chechik and thought I’d have a wee look, someone asked who favourite like performer to work with was and she said Carter Crusie, so obvs had to do a quick google, which brought be to her Twitter page, the most recent post on which was a link to this; a mix she put together of 44 current female producers she rates. So yeah checked it out, and despite being a lot EDM pish there is also a rather healthy portion of absolute BANGERS in there, most notably this fucking unhinged club rager from Whipped Cream. So yeah biggup Carter Cruise.

Kaiya Wolf – Pinatas

Another find from the aforementioned GRL PWR HOUR mix, this one’s a hench trap stomper with a pure catchy vocal hook and I can’t stop listening to it.

#CRYBANGER: Onnanoko – Stay (Hercelot Remix)

Ahhh this tune tho. Christ it’s lovely, such a masterful arrangement of lovely sounds and instruments, such a succinctly emotive vocal, such a well paced build in intensity, starting off lazy and sedate but gradually growing more insistent, the feels rising all the while, till like a cresting wave they tumble and collapse in a big old rush before receding. Or whatever.

Mix of the Month: Raito – Giant Promo Mix

BIG mix by man like Raito, truth be told I clocked this last year and just didn’t have anything else to write about this month, but to be fair it is one I frequently come back to, in fact I’m fairly sure I’ve written about a couple of the tracks I’ve pulled from it. Start to finish heavyweight house and techno sounds, expertly blending old and new, classic and fresh, and gradually building to an absolutely tear-out finale. Well good.

Dj Fett Burger & Luca Lozano – Electric Blue
ANOTR & Bodhi – Overtone
Anil Aras – Dance MF
ANOTR – Capture Thing
Alexis Raphael – The Helter Skelter
Solardo – The Biggest High
DJ Doc Scott – Surgery
DJ Vibes – Obsession (Mella Dee Edit)
Special Request – Take Me
Outlander – The Vamp
Digital Domain – I Need Relief
Chemical Brothers – Go! (Special Request Warehouse Mix)
Mella Dee – Bring Love
Stranger – Warehouse Memoires (UK Rave mix)
Raito – Aftershock
Raito – Hot Temptation
Raito – Giant
Aka – Dat Thing
Raito – Lift Shot
K.W. Griff Ft. Porkchop – Bring In The Katz (Raito bootleg)
IPMAN – Regicide
Emalkay – Crusader
Skanna – Heaven
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track
Burial – Rival Dealer

.zip of all this months BIG TUNES

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BIG TUNES of July ’17

Better nate than lever eh?


1. Armand Van Helden – Go Crazy (feat. Majida)

So yeah I got this Armand Van Helden album from 2007 cuz I wanted one track off it, was worried it’d be full of rubbish as, in fairness to the guy he’s been at it for like 20 years now and I could also distinctly recall having my head wrecked by Bonkers around then. BUT NO turns out I was wrong, Ghettoblaster is literally ALL bang. Whole thing is all high energy, catchy club bangers with a distinctly 80’s flavour, which was the style at the time. Wasn’t easy picking a stand out track, and this absolute belter was a close second choice.

2. Da Posse – In The Heat Of The Night (The Black Madonna It’s Called Acid Mix)

Here’s another track with a not entirely dissimilar flavour to the last one, lovely wee acid mix of what I thought was an 80’s track but now as I’m researching it for this post I’ve discovered it came out in 2014 and isn’t all that different from the original. Huh. Still a BIG TUNE though.

3. Jakazid – Be With U (2017 Remaster)

Ahh, lovely wee Jakazid. One of those guys who only deals in BIG tunes. This one’s a pumped up, hardcore rave monster, breaks, pianos, strings, copious crowd sounds, London accented MC’s, some pitched up bird going mental, it’s got it all. Catchy as fuck too. Recently remastered and released with a hape of remixes from a broad spectrum of lads, so yeah get that yeah.

4. Grimes – Kill Vs. Maim

Mate I fully lost the rag over this album in a way I haven’t over anything in a looooong time, holy shit. Not sure I fully know why either, but it’s probably something to do with the fact that it’s absolutely RIDDLED with BIG TUNES. Honestly. Almost every track is a standout track, fuckin’ huge choruses everywhere, and even with such a hugely diverse bunch of styles touched upon, there’s not a track that really doesn’t work. Even the few tracks I’m lukewarm about don’t even register against the fucking tidal wave of massive alt-pop bangers on here. Fuck SAKE like.

5. James Nasty – Drinkers Anthem

Yanno when you have a tune that you really like despite not being able to get anyone else on board, and you even know deep down that it’s a bit rubbish but you love it anyway? Yeah. Found this one while raiding the Baltimore club collection of none other than Kaptain Cadillac on soulseek. Cheers mate yeah.

6. Darude – Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Mix)

I don’t think I need to explain why this is absolute BELTER. Finished my set at Townlands Carnival this summer and honestly this track got a better reaction than the whole rest of my set combined, and my set was CLASS and all.

7. DJ Missdevana – Come Back 2017

UGH this tune. Maxiumum power indeed. This absurdly amped bit of tropical bang recently came out on Nervous Horizon’s second compilation and yeah its unreal hey. Those lads are keeping it mad spicy in the UK bass scene at the minute and if you haven’t already you gotta get 2 kno.

8. Lil Crack – Harmful Sequence

So yeah over the past couple of years I’ve become increasingly aware of this sort of deconstructed club music scene, that seems to live on compilations of obscure labels, featuring myriad artists doing strange takes on contemporary club sounds and generally being a bit weird. This one (along with this months #CRYBANGER) comes from Club Late Music, who I’ve covered a bunch of tunes by already and are a perfect example of what I’m on about and are totally worth a dig through. This track is admittedly a little bit more radge than their usual output but aye, dig it my man.

9. Lenkemz – Hot Boltz

Sware down I fucking love Lenkemz hey, which if you’ve been following this blog you’re probably sick of hearing but yeah shit. Man deals EXCLUSIVELY in big tunes, and is always pushing new sounds, changing up his style, and if ya ask me always getting better. He’s fully blasted off into outer space on this track, with marching drums, wailing guitars and a vaguely medieval feel to the hyperactive lead melody. It’s pure mad hey.

10. Cool Tweens – Stay

Remember what I was saying a while ago about all the cool weird artsy club music I’m all about now? Well here’s a bit more of that, this one from Japanese label/collective #weirdkids, who I’ve recently picked up three pretty stellar compilations by. Anyway yeah this tune, well it’s just mad nice and is probably some well-known tune I’ve not heard being remixed but I’m hungry and getting tired of writing so I’m not gonna bother looking it up.

#CRYBANGER: Ideal Corpus – Envole-toi (feat. AamourOcean)

SO I actually picked up this track like 2 years ago and it’s taken until now for me to be like holy shit this tune is fucking mint. Just a beautiful wee melodic arrangement, that wee gated trance synth, the perfect delivery by that french bird, the way it kicks ever so slightly at 1:13, the breakdown and subsequent reprise at the end, the whole thing is a fucking delight.

Mix of the Month: Jerome Hill – SLAM Radio 252

So yeah I’m a huge fan of Jerome Hill’s tracks and have bleated about him on here a number of times before now, and I’ve always known he was an exceptional DJ based on how many of my pals rate him as among the best. And while I love me a good mix I’ve never been overly obsessed with the ‘art’ of mixing, and stuff like scratching, although it’s cool and that, doesn’t get me that excited.

HOWEVER as I was listening to this mix on my way home from work a few weeks ago it struck me how holy shit, this guy blends tunes so seamlessly you’d think they were made for each other, and then holy shit, the way this guy builds the energy levels and then brings them down again so smoothly is off the chain and then, holy shit, he’s just doing a casual bit of  scratching over some techno in the middle of all that, then holy shit, he’s just dropped some banging garage track, which, holy shit, now as I’m writing this, I’ve just discovered came out as a promo in 2002 and was limited to only 100 copies, holy shit. This fuckin’ guy hey.


1.DBX – Spock’s Brain (Accelerate)
2.Jerome Hill – The Creeper (Swords)
3.Another Alias – Blind Spot (Don’t)
4. Johannes Heil – Exile 8 (Exile)
5. DJ D-Man – Chicken Head (Dance mania)
6. Boboflux – Puzzlebox (Nu Futura)
7. Neil Landstrumm – Rise Of Slime (Earwiggle)
8. Tube Jerk – Brainbag (Sativae)
9. Slam – Make You Move (Soma)
10. Jerome Hill – Donkey Bite (Don’t)
11. Sunil Sharpe – Owecha (On The Hoof)
12. New Flesh – Stick & Move Remix (Big Dada)
13. Dax J – West Bank (Soma)
14. Marshall Applewhite – Go Home (Yo Sucka)
15. DJ Hyperactive – Reptilian Tank (Contact)
16. M/C/Jones – 3eeek (21/22 Corp)
17. Booty Slave & Dave The Drummer – Defcon 101 (Hydraulix)
18. Radial – Warscare (Mord)
19. DJ JR Dionte – 97 Grads (Dance Mania)
20. Developer – The Charmer (Modularz)
21. Richie Hawtin – 005 (Plus 8)
22. The Gay MC – Boys (U Freaqs)
23. Thomas Bangalter – I Don’t Know (Roule)
24. Nebula II – Antheama (Reinforced)
25. DJ Powerout – Unknown (unknown)
26. Paul Johnson – This one Jacks it
27. Luke’s Anger – Bonus Round 001 (Bonus Round)
28. Axel Boman – Nocturne (Pampa)
29. Another Alias – Swine Of The Month (Whites Of My Eyes)
30. Mr Ho – Vintage VSTs (Clone Jack For Daze)
31. Bitstream – Monolith (Signal)

big ol’ illegal crime .zip of everything can be found here

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BIG TUNES of Jun ’17

right yeah more big tunes yeah


1. Shaun Dean – Cheatin’

So yeah here’s a big tune. Lush soulful vocals from Keyshia Cole over a fairly beefy bassline track, more than makes up for in bang what it lacks in imagination and jeez it’s a catchy bastard. Really feeling the trappy, half-time sections as well.

2. Danny L Harle – 1UL

Jeez I feel like even writing about HUGE DANNY’s new tracks is kinda redundant but damn as if he didn’t fully wreck the place again with this one. Absolutely dench bit of what at this stage is straight up pop bang, this one stands out on an EP already full of stand out tracks and if you don’t like it, well fine, that’s just your opinion, man.

3. Randomer – Smokin’

Gotta be honest I’d been getting a bit bored of Randomer lately, his last couple of releases haven’t been too exciting and his mixes and sets I’ve caught have been the kinda deep, dirgy, Berghain-y techno that I struggle to get really excited about… but yeah this is good yeah. Big fat electro kicks, clanky melodic percs, and most importantly a bit of feckin energy. Good man Randomer

4. BS1 – Kick It

BS1 are one of them where you’d be listening to a buncha tunes and something particularly fruity will come on and you’ll be like “ooh whats this” so you’ll check yer phone and it’ll be BS1. At least that’s happened to me. Shining mostly on remixes (like this and this and this), this is the first original of theirs I’ve been really feeling but it’s mad good yeah. Employing a little bit of house swagger on this one but still hitting hard.

5. Chambray – Treat Yo Self

So yeah this Chambray album has turned out to be mad good, not a total surprise but honestly didn’t expect the banger count to be so high. Was kinda hard to pick a favourite even but yeah, this blissed-out, low tempo house bumper fully does it for me, with its sensuous rhythm and lush, glimmering chords. The name is also a banger.

6. Jacques Greene – Real Time

I actually got a whole bunch of actual albums this month, but the one I was most excited about was this debut full length by my main guy Jacques Greene, the man responsible for the Best Song Ever™ as well as a pile of other beautiful, emotive, club music. Turns out it’s actually mad good, although annoying pretty comprehensively paywalled online. This isn’t even the track I wanted to write about, that honour falls upon “I Won’t Judge” cuz it’s mad nice but yeah this one’s groovin’ too. Anyway yeah, his music is deep, lush, emotional, and weirdly personal, like you’re being let in on feelings that aren’t your business.

7. Ghozt – Back of the Club

Sometimes, when I’m trying to narrow down like 200 or so tunes down to 11, there are some tracks that I can’t quite explain to myself why they make the cut. Like, I left out more than a few better songs than this one. Better, but for some reason I just wanted this to be here. It makes me happy.

8. YUNG BAE – Bae City Rollaz feat. ИΔΤVИ

So like the absolute COOL BAI that I am, I had actually heard the song that this track is based on like about 2 weeks earlier, after stumbling across the subreddit for something called City Pop; a genre of Japanese music from the 80’s described as “a breezy, mellow mixture of smooth jazz and album-oriented rock – often with elements of jazz fusion, jazz-funk, or boogie – which appealed to an older and more affluent Japanese audience”. So yeah that’s worth having a dig through if yer feeling this and want to seem even more cool and obscure and shit.

9. Charli XCX – 3am (Pull Up)

Yeah nah fuckin’ still totally feeling this bird eh. This one is just pure straight up dayglo pop mintiness and I’m all about it. Every single track on her recent “Number 1 Angel” mixtape is absolute fire though, helped in no small part from a stellar production job by a team of PC Music superstars. Get it up ye.

10. Shiftee – Drop Top (Curl Up Remix)

My absolute BOY Curl Up doing what he does best, bringing dat fucking hyper, euphoric club fire yo. Got gabba kicks and everything. Baller.

#CRYBANGER OTM: Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You

So yeah this might not be everybodies jam BUT I randomly remembered this song existed a while back and subsequently spent a week fucking obsessed with it. I can’t quite explain it, it’s just unreal, haunting and beautiful and just mad nice. Ok to be fair on close inspection the lyrics are hella corny and yeah it’s also Kylie fuckin’ Minogue but yeah nah I got totes emosh in work to this tune like a bunch of times this month so it’d be straight dishonest not to make it my #CRYBANGER of the month.

Mix of the Month: Don Rimini – DJ Set Somewhere in France In October 2016

Big stinking ghetto house mix here yeah, jammed with originals from the Don’s album All In, which I highly recommend.


01 – Don Rimini – The Badlqqk
02 – B.A.D.S. – House-O-Matik Hom-O-Patik
03 – 2 Men On Wax – Give Me That D— (Paul’s Clean Mix)
04 – Mike Dehnert – 8 Years Fachwerk
05 – Da Mongoloids – Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Mix)
06 – Kaptain Cadillac – Plastic
07 – Mak & Pasteman – Automatic
08 – Merimell – Work Out (Marvy Remix)
09 – Chambray – Yousme
10 – Don Rimini – Octopussy Part 2
11 – Andre Crom – Circuit
12 – Ryme – Whateva
13 – Don Rimini – Strip Poker
14 – Klienfeld – Believe
15 – Oh Snap!! – Kick + Bass
16 – TWR72 – One
17 – Don Rimini – Honey
18 – Asky – Lemme Put It
19 – KiNK – Strings

super illegal crime download of everything here

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BIG TUNES of May ’17

yeah yeah yeah bit late but sure who even reads this anyway


1. Christopher Rave – People Like You

Off Me Nut Records still keepin’ it interesting with this tasty and appropriately named “Throwback EP” from the also appropriately named Christopher Rave. 7 nostalgia inducing old school squelchers, 707 drums and pianos all the over the shop, hardware euphoria for ironic millennials.

2. Casio Royale – Fun House

Keeping the squelching going with this track from the also appropriately named Casio Royale. Noisy, jackin’ hardware house, I like the way this tune actually sounds kinda rowdy. You can practically smell the sweat and see the topless lads.

3. PG Baur – This Money

Top Billin’ once again reminding me why it’s one of my favourite labels with this booming disco house banger, which also serves as a cautionary tale about stealing from strippers.

4. Kasperg – Until U’re Gone (Murder He Wrote Remix)

I actually rinsed like £30 on tracks from Top Billin’ alone this month, and I definitely should have used that money for stuff like food instead, but fortunately the hit to shit ratio was strong enough that I don’t regret my decision. Not sure how to describe this one, it’s like a breezy bitta breakbeat soca with some nice pianos and that, almost airy like. Also the guys name makes me think of Angela Lansbury which is cool.

5. Al Ferox – The Wizard of Gore

UGH this tracks pure rotten hey. An excellent marriage of shtinkin’ techno and B-movie, video nasty aesthetics, this ones a low-tempo sludgy stomper of a track and it’s fuckin deadly.

6. Marshall Applewhite – Drain You

So yeah you didn’t know it, but turns out you fully need loads of, strange, vocoder-led electro covers of various old rock songs in your life, and the good news is, Marshall Applewhite has got you covered. This release, named after the Heavens Gate cult who committed mass suicide in cool shoes in 1997, features tracks from Depeche Mode, Misfits and The Pixies and is dead good tbh.

7. Nightwave – Luxor (Big Dope P Remix)

Big fuckin’ dramatic booty party slammer from fuckin’ Big Dope P, which is probably my new favourite artist name and I really hope it’s a short guy called Martin.

8. Cool Tweens – Sexual

Discovered this track thanks to my diggings through the Nitecorp soundcloud, so as you can imagine it’s a high energy reboot of some totes emosh pop tune and it’s lush and fun and vaguely euphoric and it’s great.

9. Seppa – Get Burned

Ooooft, man like Seppa goes a little extra ham on this one I reckon. More slickly produced halftime wideness from those lads whose couch I ruined, this one is fresh off Seppa and Kursa’s newly established and delightfully named Slug Wife label.

10. dBridge – dB vs 45 King

Time for some fuckin’ serious fuckin’ drum and bass yeahh argghhh. dBridge doing his best Tessela impression here on this weird, angular cut of almost halftime DnB. Marrying old school sounds and fresh production value, this one bangs hard in a thoroughly memorable way and yeah it’s good so it is.

#CRYBANGER of the month: Sega Bodega – Sun Loop

To me the perfect #CRYBANGER is one you can just as easily play at home chillin’ as you could in a club, and this tune nails it I reckon. Got enough bang not to sound weak, and enough euphoria, if you time it right, to bring the fucking house down.

Mix of the Month: Swindle b2b Joker + Skepta & JME – Live @ Butters 3rd Birthday, 23/02/13

I like this mix cuz, despite (or maybe because of) the often pish MCing and incessant pull ups, there is an undeniable atmosphere of energy and chaos that almost makes ya feel like you are there, sweating and fuckin’ blowing a whistle and generally carrying on like a first year uni student after boshing 5 cans of Thatcher’s and a £15 gurner. Also Joker and Swindle have enough big tunes between them to fill 10 sets, and keep the hits coming throughout. And sure it’s kinda gas hearing Skepta crowdsource the ingredients for a spliff mid-set.

TRACKLIST which I totally figured out myself.

1. 040 – let it be known
2. Joker – Gully Side
3. Rebound X – Rhythm n Gash (Spyro Remix)
4. Joker – Tron
5. Swindle – Do The Jazz
6. Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge
7. Swindle – Moodswings
8. Joker – Zim Zimma
9. Swindle – Start Me Up
10. Preditah – ??
11. Spooky – Baby
12. Joker & Jakes – 3k Lane
13. Swindle – Airmiles
14. Darude – Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Remix)
15. Darude – Sandstorm (Remix?)
16. Roska feat. Swindle & FuntCase – Spanner In The Works
17. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
18. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Swindle Remix)
19. Benga – Crunked Up
20. Swindle – Forest Funk
21. JME – ??
22. Preditah – Vinyls
23. TC And Joker – It Ain’t Got A Name
24. Silkie & Swindle – Unlimited
25. Skream – Vacilate
26. Swindle – Last Minute Boogie
27. Redlight – Basscone
28. Swindle – Ringworm
29. ?? – ??
30. Kahn & Neek – Percy
31. Joker – Newham Generals
32. S-X – Bricks (Instrumental)
33. Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat




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