BIG TUNES of April ’17

So yeah I rinsed through an absolute shitload of BIG TUNES this months thanks to basically being able to listen to music at work all day… was hella difficult to cut the 150+ worthy songs I heard down this month to a mere 11 but yeah trust fam these are all fuckin’ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


1. Pusherman – Donuts

Went on a mad Z-Shed mix nostalgia trip this month, which I highly recommend to anyone as they are a fuckin’ treasure trove of bangers ya may have forgotten about or not appreciated at the time. Well that was the case with me anyway, particularly for this positively prehistoric Riffs mix from 2011, featuring a mad tasty selection of bassy UK funky vibes, like this wee banger. A great example of a decent tune far elevated by an engaging and hooky sample, here in the form of some grime lad mouthin’ off about some other grime lad. Quality though.

2. Canblaster – Clockworks

Another track from the same mix, this one’s an altogether more ethereal affair. A funky, blissed out club banger this, fat kicks, high energy and an absolute perfect series of lush bell-like melodies, I was actually pure obsessed with this for a few days. Seems so fresh and forward thinking, it’s hard to believe it’s as old as 6 years now, and even harder to believe it had actually been sitting on my hard drive since about then as well, totally unappreciated by 21-year-old me. I highly recommend the whole EP, it’s got like 3 more original tracks and a bunch of remixes, including this weird remix of Clockworks by Teki Latex.

3. Pelikann – Internal Blue Screen

In contrast to that here’s something fresh as fuck that brings me back to a golden age not long past, and by which I mean dya remember mutant bass dya? Fuckin’ Pelikann does. This one’s a pure flat-out, shtinkin’ 2012 style 140 noisy bassline caner, reminiscent of Submerse at his most aggro, which I’ve got a lot of time for. Yeah. Not really much I need to say here yeah it’s good yeah.

4. The Horrorist – Mission Ecstasy (Phuture Remix)

So yeah this is another alright track made great by some excellent samples, in this case the recounting by some lad called Oliver of a time he decided to buy some drugs and then bought some drugs and then took the drugs and then he felt the drugs.

5. RJD2 – See You Leave

Here’s something completely fucking different anyway. Recently re-binged Broad City and subsequently picked up the soundtrack, which is pure riddled with decent tracks, like this and this and this, and also this. But mainly this tune tho. I’m not a big hip hop guy but yeah this tune is fuckin’ mint.

6. Charli XCX – Trophy

I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for Charli XCX since that one summer I heard that Boom Clap tune like four times a day on the radio, so I was pretty excited to hear she was working with PC Music guys Hannah Diamond and SOPHIE, who produced this EP and holy heck is it straight fire. Angular, pointy beats add a dimension of weirdness and edginess that works brilliantly with Charli’s bold, brassy, bubblegum pop thing, and it’s all perfectly noisy and obnoxious and it’s great.

7. Ikonika – Idiot

While a great many of the tune on here immediately jumped out at me as bangers, this one kinda snuck up on me. I copped it on the 36 track Hyperdub 10.1 compilation, which isn’t exactly short on stand out tracks itself, but yeah, the more I listen to it the more I like it. Love that urgent, staccato rhythm and hazy, shimmering, melancholic 8-bit synth, which is really quite beautiful I reckon. Also love that it’s called “Idiot” for some reason.

8. Sega Bodega – 3310

Holy shit lads, I really wasn’t joking when I talked about how much good music I heard this month. So yeah this Sega Bodega guy just lashed out this fucking next level release on Crazylegs and it’s fucking mint, cousin. Again it was hard to pick a stand out track but I really can’t get enough of this one cuz it’s mad beautiful I reckon. Starting off all sharp and pointy before blossoming into something rather soft and lush, this one’s a strangely life affirming cut of weirdo bass music and yeah I love it.

9. Machinedrum – Colour Communicator

Speaking of strangely life affirming cuts of weirdo bass music, Machinedrum’s new Human Energy album is pretty much loads of that. Never been particularly fussed about this guy until catching him at Bangface this year, but he was lashing out energy and vibes like a mad cunt and I’ve got lots of time for that. The album as a whole isn’t 100% but the tracks that work really do, and this album closer has firmly taken root in my head and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so yeah big tune.

10. RUSHHH – U

UGH for fuck sake. SOOOO many bangers. So yeah I’ve been checking out the highly recommended NITE CORP. gang on Soundcloud… well actually my mate Will has and he’s just been sending me the biggest bangers but anyway yeah Jeez they’ve fucking done it here anyway. Big, stupid, euphoric, back-of-the-bus anthem this. Made the last stretch of many a cycle home into a fuckin’ fists in the air adrenaline spaz out so it did. Just that bit at 1.24 where the vocals drops down an octave… pfffffffffffffff.

#CRYBANGER OTM: Hannah Diamond – Fade Away

Ok so to be fair PC Music and especially Hannah Diamond basically specialise in #CRYBANGERS but damn, this one really goes for the jugular in terms of FEELS. HD is at her unearthly best here on this paean to lost love and the transient nature of relationships, or whatever. It’s totes gorge anyway. “Alive, but so dead inside…” jeez Hannah u ok?

Mix OTM: Nightwave – Truancy Volume 118

Trying something new here with this Mix of the Month thing, been out of the habit of listening to mixes, partially cuz everycunt is forgetting to add tracklists these days and partially because I can’t be arsed BUT YEAH gonna give it a go. Kickin’ it off anyway with this pretty tasty selection of left field bass and club music by Nightwave, another artist I feel I’ve been sleeping on a bit but I’m definitely feeling now. Check it yeah.


Dreams – Esoteric
Djedjotronic – Stables
?? – Not Tryin’
Nightwave – Aero
Nobel – My Reaction (Nightwave Remix)
Swick – Salah’s Groove
Paul Johnson – Let me se you butterfly
Galtier – Cove (Sequence)
Bleaker – Hype (Funk)
Nina Las Vegas & Swick – Cool Sports
DJ Deeon – Let Me Bang (Pyramid Juke edit)
Blastto – Pandemonium
Glacci – Gold Claw ft Hasta
JME – Test Me
Inkke – Hit Me
Noaipre – Tropical Freeze WIP
DJ Deeon – House-o-matic
Lady Leshurr – Lego
Basement Jaxx – Unicorn (Big Dope P & TT the Artist Vocal Remix)
Taso Teklife x Ed – Acid
Big Dope P – Ibogance
Nightwave – Ritual
Kaanerbay – Run
Dream Continuum – Give A Lil Luv
Fei Fei – Little White Lies (Nightwave Remix)



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BIG TUNES of March 2017

ALRIGHT SO I experienced a pretty fuckin’ significant laptop fuckup this month in the form of a complete failure of my main drive, which has cost me 4 months of original jams, and, worst of all, 6 years of meticulously maintained iTunes stuff, along with all my playlists and blog stuff, SO naturally that was rubbish craic and I’m starting off again from scratch but however BIG TUNES keep getting made soooooooooo…

PLAYLIST of all the tunes:

1. Matt Whitehead – We’re Bombing

YEAH starting things of with some fuckin’ dynamite electro from that A is for Acid guy. Great 80’s vibes on this, even gone and busted out the vocoder and orchestral stabs and all. Blast this outta yer four D-battery powered ghetto blaster if yer mam hasn’t donated it to charity yet. Although it might be tricky getting an .mp3 onto tape so whatever works for you is fine.

2. Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop and Lock Remix)

Absolutely love this remix me. The original was like the first Joker tune I ever heard so it’s always been a bit of a percy, and I actually only discovered this like a month or two ago… and I’m not entirely sure why but it just really does it for me. The stilted, almost awkward shuffle to the drums add a vague sense of anxiety to the already somewhat bittersweet synth line and Om Unit embellishes the original melody perfectly and yeah it’s just really good alright.

3. A Bleak Reality – Immoral Nature

Here’s something a lot less uplifting; some dark, dirgey acid from the wonderfully named A Bleak Reality, from their recent Inevitable Disaster EP. Jeez. Be all the pictures of these guys are in black and white. Seriously though this is some brilliantly sweaty, moody, anxiety inducing shit right here, one for panicking in a too-dark club too when you lose yer mates and yer phone and you aren’t sure that stuff was really mandy but think maybe you can ride it out if you distract yourself by dancing and then yer pals find you and they have your phone and it’s grand.

4. Solardo – Phone Jacker

So while searching for this track on YouTube the genre came up as Tech House and I thought “oh shit I listen to loads of tech house now”. It’s like sidled into my interests behind all the other house music like someone getting their pal on the Underground with one Oyster card. Not complaining like, tunes a banger, and I’ve a lot of time for that slick, hypnotic beat, that spaced-out, drugged-up groove, when yer stood on the dance floor with yer eyes closed having a thought party and you’ve forgotten what you’re doing and can’t remember if you had a drink a second ago or not. Also those phone samples are class.

5. Robert Armani – Let Me Hit That

So this mad old tune recently got lovingly remastered (I think) and rereleased by Don’t and it’s sounding proper buff. Or at least I think it is. Didn’t have the original vinyl myself but it’s certainly sounding deep for a tune that came out on Dance Mania in 1994. But yeah aye. Quality ghetto house sleaziness from one of the OGs, a timeless techno banger that sits as comfortably in a house set as it would in a would in a wonky techno rinse out.

6. DJ 199? – Don’t Know Much

Honestly I’ve been wanting to feature this tune for ages but didn’t for reasons. It’s one of those ones where I’m not if the tune is any good or I just love the samples. I think the tune has grown on me as a result of rinsing it just to hear that birds voice. From the same Prjkts compilation as that Lorenzo BITW tune I wrote about in January. Actually yeah this is a banger. I’ve decided now. Graphic designer, art director, architect.

7. Mr. Fuzz – Bel Air

I’ve written before about Main Course and their occasionally rather mixed quality compilations, I remember the 2015 85 track Holiday Pack being a fuckin’ slog to get through only to take away maybe 5 good tunes… well yeah they’ve copped themselves on and this year only included 45 tracks in their 2016 Holiday Pack and 18 of them are actually bangers (source: me). Real step up in terms of quality, was pretty tough picking just one to write about but yeah, this manic Fresh Prince-sampling blast of club heat really did it for me. But yeah do check out this this and also this.

8. Phlegmatic Dogs – Donut Dope

OK so I feel like I maybe overuse the word ‘slick’ when writing this blog but damn so much music today is just so… smooth and sleek and smooth, which of course isn’t always good, and I’ve long been a big advocate of tunes having rough edges and a bit of character BUT with all that says when it comes to big-room American bass-house sometimes that high-end premium glossy finish shit is the business. And that’s what this is, in case you didn’t get that.

9. Sabrepulse – Addicted 2 Love (Brent Kilner x Zerg Bootleg)

Yeah here’s another banger. I mean I really like this tune but like yeah it’s grand like. Big, punchy, ravey, pure last few-tunes-of-the-set vibes, old school diva vocal giving it loads, and straight into some flat-out bassline, breaks clanging everywhere, love that little like end of bar fill with the vocal. Good tune, 5/7.

10. DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ – All the Beautiful Things You Do

OK so straight away I fell in love with this name, I know it’s a little bit done what with Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld, and yeah the self-aware lo-fi 90’s meme house is definitely about to start getting old but naw, naw, this tune is just so pretty and upbeat and cheesy and wholesome I can’t even get mad. In fact I love it, it’s a banger and it’s lovely and sure we could all use a little more positivity in our lives from time to time, especially as we all slide inorexiablly towards the cynical malaise that comes with being over-thinking, under-acheiving, directionless 30-year-old millenials or whatever.

#CRYBANGER OTM: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (Yeahhbuzz’s Smoked Salmon Remix)

OK so yeah I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “lol jonny you rascal you can’t just call your own tune a crybanger lol” but actually you’re wrong there because I fuckin’ coined that phrase and also this is my blog and also I literally fuckin’ cried (sorta) while playin this tune at three points over Bangface Weekender so there. But seriously though I’m actually really proud of this tune and yeah I know the writing team behind Fifth Harmony are doing the hard work here but still this is a big tune so leave me alone yeah.

download all da trax here

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BIG TUNES of February 2017

PLAYLIST of all the tunes:


1. Lorenzo BITW – Goo (feat. Kwam)

Ok so I’m straight away breaking my rule about not writing about an artist twice in a row cuz this track is such a banger. Drawing influence from so many different flavours of UK bass music, this grimy, funky, garagy wee mover is as slick as they come. Lad is from Italy or something as well, so fair play to him like.

2. Top Billin feat Matti 8 & Sonny – Skillsei

I’ve mentioned Finland’s Top Billin a few times on this blog as an essential label to keep an eye on, and well they’ve proven me right once again. Stripped down grime aggression this, hissy, distorted drums and some lad spittin’ bars in what sounds like… I wanna say Dutch? Anyway yeah, high energy basement banger this yeah, get it into ye.

3. Tony Quattro – Superbad

Also probably not the first time I’ve mentioned Main Course, another net label whose output, though hit and miss, is always worth a wee dig through from time to time. This is a bit of an older one (2013), but a fuckin’ primer nonetheless. Tidy wee bass house banger this, lots of foward momentum thanks to that rising lead synth, and of course the inspired decision to sample James Brown, a little known 70’s soul singer known for his occasionally theatrical performances.

4. 2000 and One – Kawasaki (Mark Blair’s Vocal Rave Edit)

So yeah this tune yeah. First of all, it’s a banger, it’s been in my head all month. Secondly, now that I’m writing about it I’ve discovered the vocal is from some Riton tune that has like 7 million plays and is mad famous. Works though. Thirdly, this fucking guy, some lad from Belfast apparently, made this track downloadable as a fucking .m4v video file like an absolute mad cunt, and consequently made me feel like a super cool ninja hacker for using Audacity to extract the presumably super low bitrate audio. Good tune though, grab it off his soundcloud.

5. Al Ferox – Car Crash (Anthony Lynn Remix)

Love this track me. Pure languid banger this, lazily dragging its weight around, like some kinda giant, fucked up caterpillar, and just about as slimy too. Loads of those creepy wee tufts of hair they have. But friendly as well like, once you get to know him.

6. Marquis Hawks – Hold On

Can’t describe exactly what I love about this tune. I mean the vocal (which I’ve just discovered is SOS Band’s “The Finest“) is doing the majority of the work here, but something about the way it sits on top of the barebones beat, plus the way it’s been slightly distorted and drenched in echo, that really works to give this song a sort of… strangely sad yet menacing atmosphere. Or something.

7. Aden – Whip (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

This tune reminds me of all the soft-ass house I was really feeling in like 2012, stuff like this and this and this. Which is nice. I actually dunno what to say about this tune, it’s a jam though. Love the faint swagger it has as it drops, almost lairy, before getting progressively more melodic and restrained. It’s good yeah.

8. Fearz – Avirex

Ooosh. Pure industrial strength jacking club techno. To be honest I don’t know enough about techno to be sure what style and era this is ripping off but sure it still sounds fresh as fuck to me so whatever like.

9. Rrotik – In Between

Out to my man Federal for showing me this. Everybody’s favourite thing this, obnoxious big room bass house, ahhhh yes, the good shit. Bangs though. Wasn’t sure about including this, but that second drop is just so silly that yeah, it’s gotten bare spins off me this months. Do love that lazy self-assured swagger of a wellΒ  crafted big room banger like this.

10. Lyka – Buff Girls

Hey it’s day bow bow. The Ferris Bueller song. Except it’s been repurposed for a grime track about fine-looking young wans. Big tune this though, high energy roller, doesn’y so much bang as it floats about like a robot butterfly, like one of the bad guys from Lylat Wars (known as Star Fox 64 in the US).

#CRYBANGER OTM: Rain Man feat. Krysta Young – Habit (Akari Remix)

I’m trying this year to always have a fresh #CRYBANGER every month to write about, rather than depending on the backlog or #CRYBANGERS I’ve built up over the years, so yeah there may be the occasional dip in quality…

Not to say that this isn’t a big tune though, heavy as it may be on the cheddar, I’ve also got bare time for how bombastic and just BIG it is. Plus I’m a real sucker for an overly dramatic, totes emosh female vocal, especially paired with such outrageously silly brostep theatrics. I like this tune ok jeez leave me alone.




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BIG TUNES of January 2k17

ALRIGHT YEAH so here we go with another year of bangers! Lotta phresh traxx to get hype about this month cuz I didn’t do a December edition and the tunes have piled up like… eh… leaves or whatever.


1. DJ Wonder – Make Me Over

Starting off as per with the most exciting new track I’ve heard in a while: a fuckin’ demented remix of Hole’s Celebrity Skin, of all things. Shit’s fire tho. Heavy on the soca percussion and B-more kicks, this is some club dynamite and I’m pretty excited about playing it out to a couple of bemused crowds this year. Cop this track for free here and check out DJ Wonder in action on Lenkemz’ Radar Radio show here.

2. Lorenzo BITW – In A Bottle

Seen this guy hyped by the likes of TSVI and the Classical Trax crew over the last year but never really heard a track that grabbed me till I copped this absolute primer of a tune. Aside from featuring vocals from one of my all time JAMS it’s also an extremely slinky bit of tropical murkiness. Simple and effective and yeah, ya really can’t fuck with 16 year old Christina Aguilera.

3. KC Flight – Planet E (Joedan Editon)

Joedan has been relentlessly sticking out decent jams over the last two years at least and shows no signs of slowing down. Between originals, remixes, bootlegs and edits, bassline, techno, house and garage, this guy has something new every couple of days, and yeah, most of it is pretty tasty. Including this mad smooth wee acid roller.

4. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Smookie Illson Booty – Keith MacKenzie And Fixx Edit)

This fuckin’ tune hey. Dropped by my boy Federal during a b2b we were playing in Cosies and holy shit did it go off. Like it was literally the only time all night the dancefloor was even half full. So yeah it’s good yeah.

5. Abra – Crybaby

So I totally downloaded the FACT 50 best tracks of 2016 in a bid to stay hip and current and that and it totally worked, plenty of bangers on there and all. I feel like something of a plagiarist including em here but damn if I haven’t been rinsing this tune for the last few months. Imported directly from 1987, this one’s a lushly emotional pop jam with a distinctly dark twist. Very premium.

6. Soda Plains – She Has All Kinds Of Temperatures

Another artist magpied from that FACT list, and a bit of an odd one at that. Staccato strings stab out a vaguely melancholic melody, while hard, sparse, almost grimy drums punch a syncopated rhythm underneath. Some flutes and shit join in, it’s all very exciting and yeah this is a fucking great track.

7. Wiley – 6 In The Bloodclart Morning

For some reason I feel the need to explain myself that I don’t really listen to grime or hip hop or songs with words in general. Don’t wanna seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about like yeah get me fam. Anyway yeah I like Wiley,Β  he does a great job of convincing me how class he thinks he is. Beat is fairly hench as well.

8. Tinashe – Superlove (Danny L Harle Remix)

There’s basically no one else right now I gush harder for than Danny L Harle. Man is crushing it, and I mean like every tune I’ve heard him do for the last two years has been a proper like, premium, all time favourite banger. Like he hasn’t dipped below anthem quality since In My Dreams. Between this and his fucking dynamite collaboration with Carly Rae Jespen I’ve basically been constantly moist since mid-November.

9. Neil Landstrumm – Tension In New York

This tune is fucking 20 years old. 20 like. Slimy, wonky techno from when Princess Diana was still alive and Bill Clinton was doing that stuff he got in trouble for and Spice Up Your Life hadn’t even come out yet.

10. Chris Moss Acid – Baddest Motherfucker

Ahhh yeah this fucken tune. The very definition of flat-out. Chris Moss goes fuckin full EUUUURGHHH on this one, starting off with a barrage of uber-distorted 909 snares and barely letting up for like 5 minutes of tearout acid destruction. Baddest motherfucker indeed.


Heard this tune in the background of this rather fun little video chronicling the growth of memes over the last decade or so. Looked it up, fucken 8 million views on YouTube. What? How did I miss this? Always feel a bit of a wally harping on about jams that I’m sure are mad obvious to some people… but whatevs.

ANYWAY YEAH once this tune is fucking gorgeous. When it’s done right that kinda synthwave/vapourwave template is ultra effective at dishing out the feels, and this track pure shovels them out. Has that slow, aching sort of beauty to it that I’m all about. Like when ya look back on good craic you’ve had in the past and you kinda know you’ll never have craic of that calibre again. It was too pure, and you’re too old now. There’s still plenty to look forward too, but it’s all a little diluted now by your expectations, by your loss of naivety, and just by real life in general. lol jk, everything is class.


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