BIG TUNES of May ’17

yeah yeah yeah bit late but sure who even reads this anyway


1. Christopher Rave – People Like You

Off Me Nut Records still keepin’ it interesting with this tasty and appropriately named “Throwback EP” from the also appropriately named Christopher Rave. 7 nostalgia inducing old school squelchers, 707 drums and pianos all the over the shop, hardware euphoria for ironic millennials.

2. Casio Royale – Fun House

Keeping the squelching going with this track from the also appropriately named Casio Royale. Noisy, jackin’ hardware house, I like the way this tune actually sounds kinda rowdy. You can practically smell the sweat and see the topless lads.

3. PG Baur – This Money

Top Billin’ once again reminding me why it’s one of my favourite labels with this booming disco house banger, which also serves as a cautionary tale about stealing from strippers.

4. Kasperg – Until U’re Gone (Murder He Wrote Remix)

I actually rinsed like £30 on tracks from Top Billin’ alone this month, and I definitely should have used that money for stuff like food instead, but fortunately the hit to shit ratio was strong enough that I don’t regret my decision. Not sure how to describe this one, it’s like a breezy bitta breakbeat soca with some nice pianos and that, almost airy like. Also the guys name makes me think of Angela Lansbury which is cool.

5. Al Ferox – The Wizard of Gore

UGH this tracks pure rotten hey. An excellent marriage of shtinkin’ techno and B-movie, video nasty aesthetics, this ones a low-tempo sludgy stomper of a track and it’s fuckin deadly.

6. Marshall Applewhite – Drain You

So yeah you didn’t know it, but turns out you fully need loads of, strange, vocoder-led electro covers of various old rock songs in your life, and the good news is, Marshall Applewhite has got you covered. This release, named after the Heavens Gate cult who committed mass suicide in cool shoes in 1997, features tracks from Depeche Mode, Misfits and The Pixies and is dead good tbh.

7. Nightwave – Luxor (Big Dope P Remix)

Big fuckin’ dramatic booty party slammer from fuckin’ Big Dope P, which is probably my new favourite artist name and I really hope it’s a short guy called Martin.

8. Cool Tweens – Sexual

Discovered this track thanks to my diggings through the Nitecorp soundcloud, so as you can imagine it’s a high energy reboot of some totes emosh pop tune and it’s lush and fun and vaguely euphoric and it’s great.

9. Seppa – Get Burned

Ooooft, man like Seppa goes a little extra ham on this one I reckon. More slickly produced halftime wideness from those lads whose couch I ruined, this one is fresh off Seppa and Kursa’s newly established and delightfully named Slug Wife label.

10. dBridge – dB vs 45 King

Time for some fuckin’ serious fuckin’ drum and bass yeahh argghhh. dBridge doing his best Tessela impression here on this weird, angular cut of almost halftime DnB. Marrying old school sounds and fresh production value, this one bangs hard in a thoroughly memorable way and yeah it’s good so it is.

#CRYBANGER of the month: Sega Bodega – Sun Loop

To me the perfect #CRYBANGER is one you can just as easily play at home chillin’ as you could in a club, and this tune nails it I reckon. Got enough bang not to sound weak, and enough euphoria, if you time it right, to bring the fucking house down.

Mix of the Month: Swindle b2b Joker + Skepta & JME – Live @ Butters 3rd Birthday, 23/02/13

I like this mix cuz, despite (or maybe because of) the often pish MCing and incessant pull ups, there is an undeniable atmosphere of energy and chaos that almost makes ya feel like you are there, sweating and fuckin’ blowing a whistle and generally carrying on like a first year uni student after boshing 5 cans of Thatcher’s and a £15 gurner. Also Joker and Swindle have enough big tunes between them to fill 10 sets, and keep the hits coming throughout. And sure it’s kinda gas hearing Skepta crowdsource the ingredients for a spliff mid-set.

TRACKLIST which I totally figured out myself.

1. 040 – let it be known
2. Joker – Gully Side
3. Rebound X – Rhythm n Gash (Spyro Remix)
4. Joker – Tron
5. Swindle – Do The Jazz
6. Skream – Scrooge’s Revenge
7. Swindle – Moodswings
8. Joker – Zim Zimma
9. Swindle – Start Me Up
10. Preditah – ??
11. Spooky – Baby
12. Joker & Jakes – 3k Lane
13. Swindle – Airmiles
14. Darude – Sandstorm (Candyland’s OG Remix)
15. Darude – Sandstorm (Remix?)
16. Roska feat. Swindle & FuntCase – Spanner In The Works
17. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
18. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Swindle Remix)
19. Benga – Crunked Up
20. Swindle – Forest Funk
21. JME – ??
22. Preditah – Vinyls
23. TC And Joker – It Ain’t Got A Name
24. Silkie & Swindle – Unlimited
25. Skream – Vacilate
26. Swindle – Last Minute Boogie
27. Redlight – Basscone
28. Swindle – Ringworm
29. ?? – ??
30. Kahn & Neek – Percy
31. Joker – Newham Generals
32. S-X – Bricks (Instrumental)
33. Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat




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