BIG TUNES of April ’17

So yeah I rinsed through an absolute shitload of BIG TUNES this months thanks to basically being able to listen to music at work all day… was hella difficult to cut the 150+ worthy songs I heard down this month to a mere 11 but yeah trust fam these are all fuckin’ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


1. Pusherman – Donuts

Went on a mad Z-Shed mix nostalgia trip this month, which I highly recommend to anyone as they are a fuckin’ treasure trove of bangers ya may have forgotten about or not appreciated at the time. Well that was the case with me anyway, particularly for this positively prehistoric Riffs mix from 2011, featuring a mad tasty selection of bassy UK funky vibes, like this wee banger. A great example of a decent tune far elevated by an engaging and hooky sample, here in the form of some grime lad mouthin’ off about some other grime lad. Quality though.

2. Canblaster – Clockworks

Another track from the same mix, this one’s an altogether more ethereal affair. A funky, blissed out club banger this, fat kicks, high energy and an absolute perfect series of lush bell-like melodies, I was actually pure obsessed with this for a few days. Seems so fresh and forward thinking, it’s hard to believe it’s as old as 6 years now, and even harder to believe it had actually been sitting on my hard drive since about then as well, totally unappreciated by 21-year-old me. I highly recommend the whole EP, it’s got like 3 more original tracks and a bunch of remixes, including this weird remix of Clockworks by Teki Latex.

3. Pelikann – Internal Blue Screen

In contrast to that here’s something fresh as fuck that brings me back to a golden age not long past, and by which I mean dya remember mutant bass dya? Fuckin’ Pelikann does. This one’s a pure flat-out, shtinkin’ 2012 style 140 noisy bassline caner, reminiscent of Submerse at his most aggro, which I’ve got a lot of time for. Yeah. Not really much I need to say here yeah it’s good yeah.

4. The Horrorist – Mission Ecstasy (Phuture Remix)

So yeah this is another alright track made great by some excellent samples, in this case the recounting by some lad called Oliver of a time he decided to buy some drugs and then bought some drugs and then took the drugs and then he felt the drugs.

5. RJD2 – See You Leave

Here’s something completely fucking different anyway. Recently re-binged Broad City and subsequently picked up the soundtrack, which is pure riddled with decent tracks, like this and this and this, and also this. But mainly this tune tho. I’m not a big hip hop guy but yeah this tune is fuckin’ mint.

6. Charli XCX – Trophy

I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for Charli XCX since that one summer I heard that Boom Clap tune like four times a day on the radio, so I was pretty excited to hear she was working with PC Music guys Hannah Diamond and SOPHIE, who produced this EP and holy heck is it straight fire. Angular, pointy beats add a dimension of weirdness and edginess that works brilliantly with Charli’s bold, brassy, bubblegum pop thing, and it’s all perfectly noisy and obnoxious and it’s great.

7. Ikonika – Idiot

While a great many of the tune on here immediately jumped out at me as bangers, this one kinda snuck up on me. I copped it on the 36 track Hyperdub 10.1 compilation, which isn’t exactly short on stand out tracks itself, but yeah, the more I listen to it the more I like it. Love that urgent, staccato rhythm and hazy, shimmering, melancholic 8-bit synth, which is really quite beautiful I reckon. Also love that it’s called “Idiot” for some reason.

8. Sega Bodega – 3310

Holy shit lads, I really wasn’t joking when I talked about how much good music I heard this month. So yeah this Sega Bodega guy just lashed out this fucking next level release on Crazylegs and it’s fucking mint, cousin. Again it was hard to pick a stand out track but I really can’t get enough of this one cuz it’s mad beautiful I reckon. Starting off all sharp and pointy before blossoming into something rather soft and lush, this one’s a strangely life affirming cut of weirdo bass music and yeah I love it.

9. Machinedrum – Colour Communicator

Speaking of strangely life affirming cuts of weirdo bass music, Machinedrum’s new Human Energy album is pretty much loads of that. Never been particularly fussed about this guy until catching him at Bangface this year, but he was lashing out energy and vibes like a mad cunt and I’ve got lots of time for that. The album as a whole isn’t 100% but the tracks that work really do, and this album closer has firmly taken root in my head and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere so yeah big tune.

10. RUSHHH – U

UGH for fuck sake. SOOOO many bangers. So yeah I’ve been checking out the highly recommended NITE CORP. gang on Soundcloud… well actually my mate Will has and he’s just been sending me the biggest bangers but anyway yeah Jeez they’ve fucking done it here anyway. Big, stupid, euphoric, back-of-the-bus anthem this. Made the last stretch of many a cycle home into a fuckin’ fists in the air adrenaline spaz out so it did. Just that bit at 1.24 where the vocals drops down an octave… pfffffffffffffff.

#CRYBANGER OTM: Hannah Diamond – Fade Away

Ok so to be fair PC Music and especially Hannah Diamond basically specialise in #CRYBANGERS but damn, this one really goes for the jugular in terms of FEELS. HD is at her unearthly best here on this paean to lost love and the transient nature of relationships, or whatever. It’s totes gorge anyway. “Alive, but so dead inside…” jeez Hannah u ok?

Mix OTM: Nightwave – Truancy Volume 118

Trying something new here with this Mix of the Month thing, been out of the habit of listening to mixes, partially cuz everycunt is forgetting to add tracklists these days and partially because I can’t be arsed BUT YEAH gonna give it a go. Kickin’ it off anyway with this pretty tasty selection of left field bass and club music by Nightwave, another artist I feel I’ve been sleeping on a bit but I’m definitely feeling now. Check it yeah.


Dreams – Esoteric
Djedjotronic – Stables
?? – Not Tryin’
Nightwave – Aero
Nobel – My Reaction (Nightwave Remix)
Swick – Salah’s Groove
Paul Johnson – Let me se you butterfly
Galtier – Cove (Sequence)
Bleaker – Hype (Funk)
Nina Las Vegas & Swick – Cool Sports
DJ Deeon – Let Me Bang (Pyramid Juke edit)
Blastto – Pandemonium
Glacci – Gold Claw ft Hasta
JME – Test Me
Inkke – Hit Me
Noaipre – Tropical Freeze WIP
DJ Deeon – House-o-matic
Lady Leshurr – Lego
Basement Jaxx – Unicorn (Big Dope P & TT the Artist Vocal Remix)
Taso Teklife x Ed – Acid
Big Dope P – Ibogance
Nightwave – Ritual
Kaanerbay – Run
Dream Continuum – Give A Lil Luv
Fei Fei – Little White Lies (Nightwave Remix)



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