BIG TUNES of March 2017

ALRIGHT SO I experienced a pretty fuckin’ significant laptop fuckup this month in the form of a complete failure of my main drive, which has cost me 4 months of original jams, and, worst of all, 6 years of meticulously maintained iTunes stuff, along with all my playlists and blog stuff, SO naturally that was rubbish craic and I’m starting off again from scratch but however BIG TUNES keep getting made soooooooooo…

PLAYLIST of all the tunes:

1. Matt Whitehead – We’re Bombing

YEAH starting things of with some fuckin’ dynamite electro from that A is for Acid guy. Great 80’s vibes on this, even gone and busted out the vocoder and orchestral stabs and all. Blast this outta yer four D-battery powered ghetto blaster if yer mam hasn’t donated it to charity yet. Although it might be tricky getting an .mp3 onto tape so whatever works for you is fine.

2. Joker – Digidesign (Om Unit’s Pop and Lock Remix)

Absolutely love this remix me. The original was like the first Joker tune I ever heard so it’s always been a bit of a percy, and I actually only discovered this like a month or two ago… and I’m not entirely sure why but it just really does it for me. The stilted, almost awkward shuffle to the drums add a vague sense of anxiety to the already somewhat bittersweet synth line and Om Unit embellishes the original melody perfectly and yeah it’s just really good alright.

3. A Bleak Reality – Immoral Nature

Here’s something a lot less uplifting; some dark, dirgey acid from the wonderfully named A Bleak Reality, from their recent Inevitable Disaster EP. Jeez. Be all the pictures of these guys are in black and white. Seriously though this is some brilliantly sweaty, moody, anxiety inducing shit right here, one for panicking in a too-dark club too when you lose yer mates and yer phone and you aren’t sure that stuff was really mandy but think maybe you can ride it out if you distract yourself by dancing and then yer pals find you and they have your phone and it’s grand.

4. Solardo – Phone Jacker

So while searching for this track on YouTube the genre came up as Tech House and I thought “oh shit I listen to loads of tech house now”. It’s like sidled into my interests behind all the other house music like someone getting their pal on the Underground with one Oyster card. Not complaining like, tunes a banger, and I’ve a lot of time for that slick, hypnotic beat, that spaced-out, drugged-up groove, when yer stood on the dance floor with yer eyes closed having a thought party and you’ve forgotten what you’re doing and can’t remember if you had a drink a second ago or not. Also those phone samples are class.

5. Robert Armani – Let Me Hit That

So this mad old tune recently got lovingly remastered (I think) and rereleased by Don’t and it’s sounding proper buff. Or at least I think it is. Didn’t have the original vinyl myself but it’s certainly sounding deep for a tune that came out on Dance Mania in 1994. But yeah aye. Quality ghetto house sleaziness from one of the OGs, a timeless techno banger that sits as comfortably in a house set as it would in a would in a wonky techno rinse out.

6. DJ 199? – Don’t Know Much

Honestly I’ve been wanting to feature this tune for ages but didn’t for reasons. It’s one of those ones where I’m not if the tune is any good or I just love the samples. I think the tune has grown on me as a result of rinsing it just to hear that birds voice. From the same Prjkts compilation as that Lorenzo BITW tune I wrote about in January. Actually yeah this is a banger. I’ve decided now. Graphic designer, art director, architect.

7. Mr. Fuzz – Bel Air

I’ve written before about Main Course and their occasionally rather mixed quality compilations, I remember the 2015 85 track Holiday Pack being a fuckin’ slog to get through only to take away maybe 5 good tunes… well yeah they’ve copped themselves on and this year only included 45 tracks in their 2016 Holiday Pack and 18 of them are actually bangers (source: me). Real step up in terms of quality, was pretty tough picking just one to write about but yeah, this manic Fresh Prince-sampling blast of club heat really did it for me. But yeah do check out this this and also this.

8. Phlegmatic Dogs – Donut Dope

OK so I feel like I maybe overuse the word ‘slick’ when writing this blog but damn so much music today is just so… smooth and sleek and smooth, which of course isn’t always good, and I’ve long been a big advocate of tunes having rough edges and a bit of character BUT with all that says when it comes to big-room American bass-house sometimes that high-end premium glossy finish shit is the business. And that’s what this is, in case you didn’t get that.

9. Sabrepulse – Addicted 2 Love (Brent Kilner x Zerg Bootleg)

Yeah here’s another banger. I mean I really like this tune but like yeah it’s grand like. Big, punchy, ravey, pure last few-tunes-of-the-set vibes, old school diva vocal giving it loads, and straight into some flat-out bassline, breaks clanging everywhere, love that little like end of bar fill with the vocal. Good tune, 5/7.

10. DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ – All the Beautiful Things You Do

OK so straight away I fell in love with this name, I know it’s a little bit done what with Ross From Friends and DJ Seinfeld, and yeah the self-aware lo-fi 90’s meme house is definitely about to start getting old but naw, naw, this tune is just so pretty and upbeat and cheesy and wholesome I can’t even get mad. In fact I love it, it’s a banger and it’s lovely and sure we could all use a little more positivity in our lives from time to time, especially as we all slide inorexiablly towards the cynical malaise that comes with being over-thinking, under-acheiving, directionless 30-year-old millenials or whatever.

#CRYBANGER OTM: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (Yeahhbuzz’s Smoked Salmon Remix)

OK so yeah I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “lol jonny you rascal you can’t just call your own tune a crybanger lol” but actually you’re wrong there because I fuckin’ coined that phrase and also this is my blog and also I literally fuckin’ cried (sorta) while playin this tune at three points over Bangface Weekender so there. But seriously though I’m actually really proud of this tune and yeah I know the writing team behind Fifth Harmony are doing the hard work here but still this is a big tune so leave me alone yeah.

download all da trax here

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