BIG TUNES of January 2k17

ALRIGHT YEAH so here we go with another year of bangers! Lotta phresh traxx to get hype about this month cuz I didn’t do a December edition and the tunes have piled up like… eh… leaves or whatever.


1. DJ Wonder – Make Me Over

Starting off as per with the most exciting new track I’ve heard in a while: a fuckin’ demented remix of Hole’s Celebrity Skin, of all things. Shit’s fire tho. Heavy on the soca percussion and B-more kicks, this is some club dynamite and I’m pretty excited about playing it out to a couple of bemused crowds this year. Cop this track for free here and check out DJ Wonder in action on Lenkemz’ Radar Radio show here.

2. Lorenzo BITW – In A Bottle

Seen this guy hyped by the likes of TSVI and the Classical Trax crew over the last year but never really heard a track that grabbed me till I copped this absolute primer of a tune. Aside from featuring vocals from one of my all time JAMS it’s also an extremely slinky bit of tropical murkiness. Simple and effective and yeah, ya really can’t fuck with 16 year old Christina Aguilera.

3. KC Flight – Planet E (Joedan Editon)

Joedan has been relentlessly sticking out decent jams over the last two years at least and shows no signs of slowing down. Between originals, remixes, bootlegs and edits, bassline, techno, house and garage, this guy has something new every couple of days, and yeah, most of it is pretty tasty. Including this mad smooth wee acid roller.

4. Yo Majesty – Club Action (Smookie Illson Booty – Keith MacKenzie And Fixx Edit)

This fuckin’ tune hey. Dropped by my boy Federal during a b2b we were playing in Cosies and holy shit did it go off. Like it was literally the only time all night the dancefloor was even half full. So yeah it’s good yeah.

5. Abra – Crybaby

So I totally downloaded the FACT 50 best tracks of 2016 in a bid to stay hip and current and that and it totally worked, plenty of bangers on there and all. I feel like something of a plagiarist including em here but damn if I haven’t been rinsing this tune for the last few months. Imported directly from 1987, this one’s a lushly emotional pop jam with a distinctly dark twist. Very premium.

6. Soda Plains – She Has All Kinds Of Temperatures

Another artist magpied from that FACT list, and a bit of an odd one at that. Staccato strings stab out a vaguely melancholic melody, while hard, sparse, almost grimy drums punch a syncopated rhythm underneath. Some flutes and shit join in, it’s all very exciting and yeah this is a fucking great track.

7. Wiley – 6 In The Bloodclart Morning

For some reason I feel the need to explain myself that I don’t really listen to grime or hip hop or songs with words in general. Don’t wanna seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about like yeah get me fam. Anyway yeah I like Wiley,  he does a great job of convincing me how class he thinks he is. Beat is fairly hench as well.

8. Tinashe – Superlove (Danny L Harle Remix)

There’s basically no one else right now I gush harder for than Danny L Harle. Man is crushing it, and I mean like every tune I’ve heard him do for the last two years has been a proper like, premium, all time favourite banger. Like he hasn’t dipped below anthem quality since In My Dreams. Between this and his fucking dynamite collaboration with Carly Rae Jespen I’ve basically been constantly moist since mid-November.

9. Neil Landstrumm – Tension In New York

This tune is fucking 20 years old. 20 like. Slimy, wonky techno from when Princess Diana was still alive and Bill Clinton was doing that stuff he got in trouble for and Spice Up Your Life hadn’t even come out yet.

10. Chris Moss Acid – Baddest Motherfucker

Ahhh yeah this fucken tune. The very definition of flat-out. Chris Moss goes fuckin full EUUUURGHHH on this one, starting off with a barrage of uber-distorted 909 snares and barely letting up for like 5 minutes of tearout acid destruction. Baddest motherfucker indeed.


Heard this tune in the background of this rather fun little video chronicling the growth of memes over the last decade or so. Looked it up, fucken 8 million views on YouTube. What? How did I miss this? Always feel a bit of a wally harping on about jams that I’m sure are mad obvious to some people… but whatevs.

ANYWAY YEAH once this tune is fucking gorgeous. When it’s done right that kinda synthwave/vapourwave template is ultra effective at dishing out the feels, and this track pure shovels them out. Has that slow, aching sort of beauty to it that I’m all about. Like when ya look back on good craic you’ve had in the past and you kinda know you’ll never have craic of that calibre again. It was too pure, and you’re too old now. There’s still plenty to look forward too, but it’s all a little diluted now by your expectations, by your loss of naivety, and just by real life in general. lol jk, everything is class.


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